Brandel Masonry is the best in the business for outdoor kitchens in South Florida

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to equip your backyard for celebrating special occasions and cooking for friends and family. Outdoor kitchens range from small areas with a little more than a built-in barbecue grill to large, fully equipped kitchens complete with grills, sinks, bars, and storage cabinets.

When planning an outdoor space, some things to consider are:

  • How many people do you intend to accommodate?
  • What are your entertaining needs?
  • What is your budget?

The next steps are to determine:

  • The best location for your kitchen
  • The size requirements
  • Design layout and countertop placement
  • The appliances you’ll need

Finally, you must choose the best materials and equipment for accomplishing all your goals.

At Brandel Masonry, we can help with all of those stages.  Our reputation is based on building a superior product. Therefore, there is no cutting corners. We build our outdoor kitchens and bars out of the strongest materials available. Some of our outdoor kitchens are constructed with a concrete block shell with either stucco or stone finishes. Others are built strictly from brick. All countertops vary depending on the style and budget of the owner. Some ideas for countertops are granite, brick, flagstone, tile, or concrete.

We are also a local distributor for many stainless steel grill products. Visit our e-commerce site for BBQ grills, appliances, and accessories: BBQ Brothers at

If you are looking to build your dream outdoor kitchen, call today and let our staff design your custom outdoor living space.