center your outdoor space around a custom fire pit by Brandel Masonry

Fire pits are a great way to entertain year-round in South Florida. They add a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor living space. We build both mobile and stationary fire pits. So, we can find the right option for your outdoor space. The mobile fire pit is ideal for the customer that does not like to be pinned down to one spot on their deck. It is built on small castors which make it mobile. We also build stationary fire pits to center your yard or deck around. These can be surrounded with masonry seating or lawn furniture.

The popularity of fire pits and the fire effects they produce is one of fastest growing trends in outdoor design. Fire provides warmth, light, a cooking source and, of course, relaxation. The proper design and construction of your fire pit will ensure a safe and enjoyable time that will last for decades.

Our fire pits are built for wood burning applications but could be modified to accept gas-burning applications with log or glass sets. Call us to inquire which system will best suit your vision!